More Than Cute Animal Pictures (but there will still be cute pictures!)

All veterinarians hope to positively impact the lives of animals and humans.

Some in the veterinary field spend their days and nights working tirelessly to save all of our animals in need, while others choose a specialty that helps the world learn more about the medicine that keeps our companions healthy. No matter what path one chooses, there is always some limit to how many animals we can physically touch and treat – after all, we are still human!

At the end of the day, there will still be people hoping to help their furry companions but may not have access to the best resources. And from experience, there will always be a veterinarian lying in bed at night pondering a case from earlier that day, month, or even year, hoping that they communicated the right information to the client, and wishing that they could communicate the same vital information to millions more.

At Edison Park Animal Hospital, we educate and inform our clients in the hopes of increasing the welfare of our four-legged companions. We do our research so that you can benefit with just the click of a button… Because we believe that if we can prevent a problem or illness simply through online owner education, it is the honor and responsibility of the veterinary profession to do so. Follow our blog so that we can share with you the most recent advances in veterinary medicine, the latest news, professional insight, and of course cute animal pictures!

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