Twas the Night Before Christmas…..

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Something was stirring, it wasn’t a mouse.

I sat up in bed and looked to my right,

There was “Emma” smiling in the Christmas light.

Looking so cute, wagging her tail,

I walk to the living room, leaving a trail

Using some biscuits and a treat,

I thought to myself, man she’s sweet.

I sat by the Christmas tree to get her a gift

and all around the package, she sniffed and sniffed.

I opened the package to give her a prize

She looked at me with those sweet brown eyes.

She took her new toy and ran away

Into the other room to play and play.

She quickly came back to take a rest,

Using my legs and most of my chest.

I know she is thankful and so are we

To have her here near the Christmas tree.

We were lucky to get her by some odd chance,

And she had our hearts with just one glance!

Merry Christmas!

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