Need a comfortable place for your furry family member to stay while you’re away?

Book reservations at Edison Park Animal Hospital Resort!

For our canine guests…
You can relax in one of our spacious air conditioned lodges equipped with comfortable off the floor cots, bedding, bowls, and even night lighting. Warm and personal concierge & butler service will ensure that your stay exceeds all of your expectations. The resort staff will also make sure you get all the TLC you desire. For those that stay 5 days or more, you get to experience a complimentary day at the spa which includes a massage, bath, nail trim, and brushing. Our boarding program provides safe, comfortable surroundings where our experienced staff provides expert care and 24 hour surveillance.

For our feline guests…
You can relax in the comfort of a spacious, quiet, dog-free condo. Your condo will be equipped with your own personal restroom, play area, and a spectacular view of McGregor Blvd! Warm and personal concierge and butler service will ensure that your condo is kept clean and comfortable at all times. Our staff will make sure that you also receive all the TLC you desire. With daily massages and room service, you will be sure to relax stress-free here at Edison Park Animal Hospital Resort. A kitty treat on your pillow awaits you, you’re only one phone call away!

Experience why Edison Park Animal Hospital sets themselves apart from all other inclusive resorts.

​For reservations, please call (239) 689-3525. Please book in advance around the holidays as we book up quickly.

​Download our boarding consent form by clicking here!