Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked annually by your veterinarian to prevent health issues, dental disease, and help to avoid problems with your furry friend’s organs. Frequent removal of dental tartar and plaque can help to prevent the most common oral disease in pets! Not only will this keep your pet’s mouth healthy but it may reduce the frequency for periodic dental cleaning by your veterinarian. So start brushing when they’re young to keep those pearly whites shining bright! Giving a treat afterwards is helpful as well so your pet knows there is a reward associated with the experience. Remember that patience and training are important!

A perfect success story is our very own Norman! He started out with just a doggie toothbrush and a jar of peanut butter as his toothpaste. Once he associated teeth brushing with getting his daily dose of peanut butter, he was all for it! Since then, he has taken baby steps in improving his oral hygiene- gradually switching to better toothbrushes, lengthening the time he will allow us to brush his teeth, and switching out his peanuty toothpaste for a healthy treat at the end of the brushing. Now he uses only the best- a sonicare toothbrush and toothpaste made specially for dogs!

While we would love all of our patients to behave like Norman, we all know that some dogs and cats don’t allow their teeth brushed. In this case, talk to our doctor about recommendations on alternative dental cleaning products or dental-specific diets. Preventative medicine keeps your pet healthy and your wallet happy!

In the event that we recommend a dental cleaning or extractions, we are fully equipped to satisfy all your dental needs. Our in-house digital dental radiographs provide current, reliable images of what goes on underneath the gums. By taking dental radiographs under anesthesia, we can assess problem areas before, during, and after surgery to ensure that we perform efficient and effective surgeries.

Remember that a pet with healthy teeth is a happier pet with better health and better breath!