Our goal is to see our patients for only happy, healthy annual visits, but when illnesses arise, Edison Park Animal Hospital is here to provide quality critical care for your pet. When your furry friend isn’t feeling well, our dedicated staff will work tirelessly to ensure that your pet is diagnosed and treated properly and punctually. Because during a time of crisis, every second counts. As proud pet parents ourselves, we know that an illness in the family should be addressed immediately to encourage a rapid and full recovery.

If you are concerned about your canine or feline companion and don’t know whether or not you have an emergency, always give us a call or come in! While it’s hard to diagnose a condition over the phone, our staff is trained to look for signs that might mean that your pet is in critical condition.


Our in-house diagnostics help us to address medical issues. Our new digital x-ray machine that can give us an inside look at multiple organ systems and bones. Our digital dental x-ray machine can differentiate damage to the gums and teeth in the event of facial trauma. Multiple blood machines can give us valuable information on how toxins and infections are affecting organs. Our laboratory can analyze samples taken from all over the body. By doing certain tests right here, we can eliminate unnecessary time between seeing your pet and treating your pet.

Pet Insurance

When your pet falls ill, pet insurance can take the weight of bills off your shoulders. We hope for the best but expect the worse, which is why we recommend that you get your furry friend on pet insurance early on in life. When you come in for your first visit with us, you receive a voucher for a free 30 day trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance. You don’t need to give any credit card or financial information to enroll. Just give them a call! For more information about Trupanion, click on the links below!

Care Credit

We accept Care Credit.

After Hours Emergencies

In the event of an emergency when we are closed, please contact:

Phone: 239-308-9770